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Alliance Good Governance Foundation

Alliance is an Islamabad based think tank working for good governance. Pakistan is a country known for governance challenges. The governance challenges concerning socio-politico-economy are daunting and impeding progress and functioning of society. The socio-politico-economic problems and their paralysing impact on whole society has multiplied over the years. Alliance for Good Governance is striving to find innovative and effective solutions through suggesting productive policies in various sectors and improving governance structure in Pakistan.


Our Objectives

  1. Democratization
    The political system in Pakistan is dominated by civil-military-judicial establishments and a limited political class.
    1. Alliance is seeking and supporting reforms to transfer power from state bureaucratic establishments to the people of Pakistan.
    2. Alliance proposes to explore proportional representation that can pave way for representation and empowerment of multiple professional and occupational groups (teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, students, overseas, farmers, traders, industrialists etc.).
    3. Alliance also proposes legislation to democratise the governance system and curb monopolies of certain groups on political parties and associations.
  2. Professionalism in Public Sector
    Public sector in Pakistan is ailing with politicization, corruption, and inefficiency. Alliance is working on reforms in public sector organisations.
  3. Constructive Politics
    Pakistani politics is mired in abuse, scandal, and useless power politics. Alliance is looking for reforms to change direction of Pakistani politics to socio-economic agenda from politics of ethnicity, religion, and scandalous abusive conflicts.
  4. Global and Regional Integration
    Alliance is exploring reform agenda for a peaceful South Asia making Pakistan a regional hub of economic activity at the center of two largest counties (China, India) and Central Asia/Russia. Alliance is also supporting reforms for making Pakistan a global hub through becoming center of economic activities for US, Europe, Middle East, and East Asia. Alliance opposes governance policies that are a cause of isolation of Pakistan in the region and in the world.


Our Campaigns

  1. Bring ‘Out of School Children in School’
    Pakistan has one of the largest numbers of out of school children. A society can’t become developed or civilized which has such scary statistics. Alliance is striving to highlight issue in social and digital media and bring the issue in mainstream media and political/economic debates at national level. Join us
  2. Mainstreaming Science and Technology (STEM)
    Syllabus in Pakistan is focus on cultural agendas. Due to unified board systems for schools and Madaras, schools and Madaras are compelled to teach specific type of courses, which don’t fulfill contemporary needs. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) are taught on the periphery as one of the subjects out of so many cultural subjects at primary and secondary levels. At higher levels, the syllabus is bifurcated in two obligatory groups of science and arts, which restrict choices and changes course in future difficult. The same is true for university departments, where cultural subjects are consuming funds without clear return. Alliance supports important cultural subjects without cultural agenda but with due weightage. The focus of the syllabus and institutes should be on STEM. Join us
  3. Digitization of Society
    Pakistan has huge numerical advantage over other countries regarding digital penetration. But in relative terms, we are at the lowest in the world. We need to address the digital divide, which after education is the prime definer of social status and progress. We need to provide infrastructure across the country and devices to every Pakistani. To digitize all segments of society and economy including production, distribution, in manufacturing and service delivery in services sector. Join us
  4. Clean Energy
    Pakistan has immense potential for renewable energy. Our economy is slow mainly because of crises and mismanagement in energy sector. We must shift to renewable sources and clean technology in fossil fuels. Primarily the campaign is about switching to renewable resources. Join us
  5. Women Empowerment
    Alliance aspires for the lofty ideal of women empower. Many non-governmental organizations are working for empowerment of women in Pakistan. Besides being a lofty ideal in its own right, Alliance considers women empowerment in all areas including political, economic, and social as one of the main factors holding key to the progress of the whole society. Join us
  6. Health Facilities for Everyone
    The health indicators of Pakistan are one of the lowest in the world. Alliance strives for Pakistan where every Pakistani, women, child, old, of any social-economic status will have access to health facilities. We support all policy proposals that lead to a healthy Pakistan. Join us


Our Programs

  1. Constitutional, Representational, and Legal Reforms
    The constitution and legal framework are a hurdle in multiple areas for realizing a true democratic Pakistan, especially regarding appropriate representation of crucial stakeholders in parliament and decision making at ministries’ level. This program focusses on constitutional and legal proposals for making a conducive environment for creation of a truly democratic Pakistan.
  2. Initiative for Administrative Reforms
    The program focusses on reforms in Criminal Justice System, Bureaucracy, and Security Establishment to create a facilitating environment for creating a democratic Pakistan.
  3. Infrastructure Assessment Program
    The program explores opportunities and policy options for creating linkages at regional and global level. It also analyses existing infrastructure projects under CPAK and bilateral projects with neighboring countries, Afghanistan, India, Iran, including Central Asian States and Middle East.
  4. Key and Route – Business Cooperation and Transaction
    Business chains are no more a national phenomenon. Production, distribution, and consumption happens in regional and global chains that have a necessary edge over local and national chains from perspective of cost effectiveness and market dominancy. The program explores the niche products and services that can be synchronized with regional and global chains. The prepared proposals and policy papers are shared with dominant busines actors and government agencies.
  5. Initiative for Global and Regional Governing Structures
    The program highlights the limitations of national governing institutions that are focused on national. We need effective regional and global governing bodies, to overcome the biases of rich dominated UN and ineffective regional multilateral organizations (for example SAARC) and to come up with just and equitable rules to govern regional and global space. The program draft and promote proposals for regional and global governance.
  6. Global Impact Activities Program
    The program is designed to encourage activities essential for creating a Global Democratic Pakistan. This program showcases our other programs with a focus on publicity and outreach. The program is about planned activities such as seminars, workshops, collective meetings, lectures, media events, media appearances.
  7. Youth Capacity Building Program
    The purpose of this program is enhancing skills development of the youth. It covers career counselling, business counselling, job hunting, arranging workshops for personal skill development, and organizing motivational lectures.
  8. Youth Internship Program
    The program seeks and provide internship and job opportunities for students around the globe.